Turning pollution into

The Speed of Light and the Timing of Eclipses

The 20th century saw plastics change the world.

What's next?


Inspire companies to replace their fossil fuel-based raw materials with sustainable options to ensure hopeful, compelling and abundant future of our planet and its people.


Using synthetic biology to transform air pollution into EKKO – our high-performance biomaterial, we are solving one of the today’s most challenging environmental problems.


By giving industries the opportunity to rethink how everything is made, from your toothbrush to clothes, from the chair you sit on to your car, from packaging to aircraft, Azolla will have same profound impact on the world as plastics did, but instead of ruing the planet, we will heal it.

Industrial manufacturing generates billions of tons of CO2 annually. Azolla’s biomanufacturing platform will empower industries to transform this CO2 into high performance biomaterial that can be used to make everyday products.

Introducing Ekko.