our invention is transformative

our raw materials are abundant and free

our team is the best in their field

About Azolla

Our company is named after the Azolla Event:
50 million years ago atmospheric CO 2 levels were extremely high, and the future seemed bleak for all life forms. Then the Azolla Fern emerged and sucked the carbon dioxide out of the air, restoring life and hope.

Today, San Francisco based Azolla is dedicated to making major contribution to end environmental degradation caused by toxic manufacturing. Our technology brings together genomics, industrial photosynthesis and advanced engineering to create a transformative material of the future.


Executive Team

We are innovative leaders skilled in product development, management and manufacturing. Through influence and leadership, we have been inspiring diverse communities of designers and inventors, scientists, public, government and military agencies on four continents.


Scientific Team

Our scientists are recognized as the leading team by their peers and are credited with more than 60 patents and IP.

They have a track record of successfully commercializing their inventions.