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high-performance textile fiber made from thin air

A sustainable textile fiber made from thin air

Inspired by Nature

Nature uses CO2 and sunlight to grow things molecule by molecule. Our unique industrial photosynthesis biomanufacturing platform replicates this formula and converts CO2 & light into biofiber.


Following nature’s original circular economy: reuse, recycle and biodegrade, without generating any waste, EKKO is the ultimate solution to transform textile industry.


EKKO is genetically engineered to target specific attributes like strength, elasticity, conductivity, transparency and durability.

It is stronger than Kevlar yet as light as cotton.


Fabrics that generate power through motion.
Clothes that can report on your health.
Textiles that can react to changing environment.

Products made from Ekko will be smarter, stronger and more dynamic — truly fit for 21st century.

Undeniable Free Resources

We are the only company that is using only free and abundant resources as the raw material to create sustainable consumer products.